Friday, June 4, 2010

My daily battle.

This day started out with a heavy rain. Everything was still wet and muddy after lunch time. In the backyard there is a sandbox for the kids. It used to have bungie cords on it to keep it closed but they broke a long time ago. Back then it was no big deal because the kids where too little to open the lid (or the doors) themselves. To get to the sandbox the kids slide down this dirt (or mud in this case)bank. I had been in the bathroom for 2 seconds and when I came back upstairs I found the house very quiet and empty. A quick search revealed an open back door, dog and cat outside, and Karlina and Braeden in the sandbox with no shoes and covered in mud.Needless to say, this is my daily battle.

They played out there for about 45 minutes and then it was time to come in, clean up, and go take a nap. They are so oblivious to dirt!

Karlina has 3 little puppies that she drags everywhere! Church, the mall, Target, upstairs, downstairs, in the car, on a walk, to the park, and in the sandbox.


  1. Okay... in PJs and all. Totally hilarious! What a crackup!! Liam would fit in very well with those two!

  2. Love this! I pretty much have given up on having clean kids!

  3. Cute blog! I remember you telling me this! Such rascals :) oh and I adore karlina's little skirt in the prvious post! Cute!!