Monday, June 14, 2010

The Payne Family Visits

This adorable little guy is my nephew, Tyson. I caught this smile on a walk down our road. My brother Travis and his wife Sari came to visit for the weekend. We had a great time.

This horse's name is Mocha and she is so sweet and gentle with the kids. Tyson walked up to the fence and said, "Moo!" So close Tyson. So close.

This is a Ruddy Duck. A male. Their beaks turn this blue color during mating season and they do this cool little chest slap with it. Funny little ducks. Just one of many fun things to do and look at while at our neighbor's house.

One lonely snail creeping along in the grass. I'm really surprised that I spotted him. How cool.

Everyone took at turn on the tractor. They loved it. I particularly like Braeden's smile. Sari made a face at him and he copied her. So funny!

This is one of our many attempts to get a picture of Karlina and Tyson together. We would ask him to sit down and smile, he would and just as you click the camera he was up on off again. I don't know how Travis and Sari keep up with him. He is a busy little man. Braeden and Karlina are pretty cute in this pick.

Tyson was so cute! It was like he had never seen a mud puddle before. Back and forth he ran and ran. Bless his little heart, he maintained his balance pretty good for a little guy. It was so fun to watch him discover the feel and sound of the splashes. "Ty Ty the cutie pie." That's his new name.