Monday, June 14, 2010

Seattle Aquarium Here We Come!

When Karlina got to the aquarium she stood in front of the huge sea wall to look at the fish. It's really neat and has all kinds of cool fish, plants, and critters. She refused to show me her face to take her picture. So I said, "okay no pictures." After a huge bratty fit she demanded that I photograph her. I don't understand this behavior nor do I appreciate it. I hope she grows out of it soon.

Daddy and Karlina at the touch pools. I don't know who had more fun, Karlina or the grown ups. It was a really fun afternoon at the Seattle Aquarium.

I looked him right in the eye and I know he was looking back at me. It was so cool!

This was one of two octopus. It was huge! They are so beautiful.

After a whole weekend together, this was the only picture that turned out with Karlina and her little cousin Tyson. He was just to stinkin fast! While sitting in this window looking at the fish she said to me, "Mom I'm deep sea diving." I don't know where she learned about that but it was so sincere.

The happy Del Valle family.

Uncle Travis, Aunt Sari, and Tyson. They such a cute family and we had such a good time with them.

Grandma with Karlina and Tyson. What a fun day!

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